life:: the mother lode


what crafty girl wouldn’t want a surprise gift like this?

a very sweet friend dropped these into my life unexpectedly

now, what to make?

For starters there is this and this and this and this…and a few others…

Hmmmmm, I guess I will need to think about this one for awhile.

~there has been a vintage pyrex addition to cheer up my kitchen~

~ and 2 copies of Needlecraft magazine from July 1929 and April 1931~

Check it out!  So cool.  The ads were as captivating as the articles and patterns.

Halitosis?! *OMG*  I’m surprised they didn’t show the bird hanging upside-down from the perch!

At the time, you could buy a copy of Needlecraft for the low, low price of 10 cents!

Better yet, this back-of-the-magazine ad offered a 2-year subscription, 8 plants, and 10 seed packets for $1.  And that was postage paid!

So for right now I am still loving the vintage.  Hope you enjoyed the show.


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