crochet:: a sky scarf update

Betcha thought I got bored with this and stopped.


I can’t forget to work on it, I leave it in a basket on the coffee table.  Luckily the cats choose to ignore it and instead mess with the wool-eater languishing in a much larger basket on the floor next to said coffee table.  Then, in the third basket taking up space in the living room is the WiP pinafore I am making for my niece.  (Which btw is going to be a-frickin-dorable.) I am amazed at this point that my guys aren’t banishing me to the she-cave-o-crafts.  The problem with that is the other 4 WiPs that are strewn across that space and leave me no room to work. And to top it all off, I got a wild hair this past weekend to re-decorate my bathroom.  So currently, it has a new paint job, and is otherwise empty.  All that stuff is strewn across the basement family room.  Consequently, I feel as if I am trying to get ready for the prom while on a camping trip every morning before work.  (You know, just plain awkward…like trying to put on your panties after a shower when you forgot to bring anything larger than a washcloth to dry off with and you’re wearing flip flops.)  My contact lenses have been missing for 3 days and I know they are around here somewhere…I’m assuming they are hiding with the hairspray…but at least I know where my toothbrush is in all this mess…

Guess I had better get some stuff finished.


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6 thoughts on “crochet:: a sky scarf update”

  1. do you have any step by step instructions for your crochet sky scarf. I tried knitting but failed and your scarf looks amazing. I promised my granddaughter I would do this for her, I actually bought the yarn for her 15th birthday and planned to give it to her when she turns 16. Please help????


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