photography:: friday

Coral bells blooming means that the hummingbirds will be back soon.

Another week in flowers comes to a close.

Thanks for indulging my need to immortalize my heirloom gardens in digital form.

They may be my hardiest plants, but I still need proof they existed after the zombies take over,  the nuclear apocalypse, my guys manage to mow over  or get weed-killer on them.  Seriously, I have a 15-yr-old.  He has run over the same tree 2 times already.  Things don’t look good for my flowers.  I once planted 100 Dutch tulips and daffodils, they lasted 1 year.  That was the year Frankie started using the ATV to spray the back 40.  Buh-bye bulbs.  I nearly cried.

Now you see why I need to document these while I can.

Have a ridiculously amazing weekend 🙂

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