photography:: another week in flowers…


It’s that time of year.

I cannot resist taking hundreds of fresh floral shots.

We may have had the most mild winter on record, but I still could not wait for fresh flowers.

The really cool thing about my snowball bush is that it has a history.

My Granma Amy had one planted on her farm in the early 1940’s.

My Mom made a cutting from that old shrub in the 1970’s.

I made a cutting from my my Mom’s about 10 years ago.

I have Granma Amy’s snowball bush in my front yard.


So, this illustrates how the old heirloom varieties are better.

Both were planted the same year.

The one on the left:  3ft sapling bought from a local nursery

The one on the right:  3 tiny twigs from Granma Amy/Mom’s


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2 thoughts on “photography:: another week in flowers…”

  1. beautiful. I love flowers. I usually stick to roses though. Where we live now the deer have a tendency to nibble on them. I have planted some up next to the porch and we installed a motion light to see if we could deter them from nibbling. We’ll see.


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