crochet:: toddler cloche

After giving my friend this hat for her babybump’s future enjoyment, I was asked to make another for the babybump’s cousin.

I didn’t wing it this time, I actually followed the directions.  Score one for me.  Not.

It is on it’s way to it’s new home in Colorado, and I am confident that it will be just a tad too large for the young lady.

But it sure is cute as hell.

edited to add the weird semi-hairy yarn:

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3 thoughts on “crochet:: toddler cloche”

  1. Kinda looks that way doesn’t it? I don’t have the skein band anymore, but I think it was a Yarn Bee clearance blue-light special at Hobby Lobby. I’ll post a pic of it in it’s pre-hooked form for you 🙂 Maybe there is something similar up there in the Great Northwest.


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