life:: the week in flowers is over…

…but I was given a great mixed bouquet that I have been enjoying all week and I hope to keep them cheering up my kitchen for awhile longer.  When someone gives me fresh flowers I am one of those people and squeezes every bit of life out of them.  I trim stems every couple of days, then I pick off browning leaves and petals, then they get put into a smaller and smaller vase until there is a single lonely bloom left…

Today the alliums were covered with butterflies and not a single one of the 20 shots I took turned out well in the bright noon-time sun.   So, this is all you get.

Anyhoo, speaking of a cheerful kitchen, a few days ago I posted this about my recent love affair with vintage pyrex and I happened to mention it to my mother.  That woman is so sweet…the next time I was at her house I thought nothing of it when my son asked for the keys to my car to go load up the misc. gear we had brought over since it was about time to leave.  When we got home and started to unload said misc. crap, I was pleasantly surprised with these.

 How cool is that?  A complete set of bowls in perfect condition!  And BONUS they are just like the set my Granma Amy had when I was a little girl.  That thoughtful mom of mine 🙂

Have a ridiculously amazing weekend!

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One thought on “life:: the week in flowers is over…”

  1. That is cool! What a sneaky mom. 🙂 My grandma had a set like that, but her shelf collapsed and all the bowls fell out and broke except the smallest. I’ve been looking to get her some replacements, too.


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