life:: call me Sarah

Well, just for an hour and 18 minutes.

Actually, make that about 4 minutes.

Why you ask?

Remember about a year ago when I was sworn to secrecy while working with teens at some “youth leadership workshops”?

Well…I lied.

Those workshops were really movie shoots.  I am now a movie star.  {Yes, you may enter your giggle here.}  My 4 minutes of fame as Sarah has come and gone.  I was cast as the mom (I know, it was a stretch to get into character) and my part was over within minutes at the beginning of the film.  The kids worked with a local production company to create a full-length feature film.  It’s a fantasy adventure of 3 kids falling through a mirror into another world of elves, ogres, and magic encounters while they try to find a way back home.  I absolutely loved that they wrote in plenty of comic relief, and that it was so well thought out and appealed to a wide audience.

For the WORLD PREMIER opening night at the local high school, all of us (the adults) that helped them on their journey in film making, dressed to the nines to lend it the air of red-carpet-glam.  Being the introvert that I am, I only had about 3 panic attacks when they made me get on stage to do an interview in front of EVERYONE, but then made me wait in the wings for 15 minutes before they called me up.  I don’t know if having that 15 minute warning was a blessing or a curse…

I know, crazy isn’t it?  No one can say I don’t meet my demons head-on.  I am a total introvert, and yet I accepted a role in a movie…nothing like seeing yourself 10 feet tall on a screen and thinking, Oh my gawd my mannerisms are exactly like my aunts (that was the weirdest revelation I have ever had about myself), and the standard Oh my gawd I need to lose more weight!  (I have decided that the camera adds MORE than 10 pounds)

 I have known many of these kids since they were in kindergarden, and I was so proud of all of them that I was nearly in tears by the time the credits rolled.  Then came the blooper footage, and I was laughing so hard I was crying again.  The whole experience was a blast and the kids did an amazingly professional job creating their masterpiece.

{Sarah getting the call that her father is in the hospital}

Oh yeah, I had to kiss “my Dad” AND cry in my whopping 4 minutes of screen time too.

Watch out Hollywood, here comes Sarah 🙂

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4 thoughts on “life:: call me Sarah”

  1. firstly-thank you for the pattern,second,you are hilarious,so you should be a movie star! I am so glad I found you,and looking forward to your well I remember the days of school plays and activities for my now 25 yr old,gulp,treasure these moments,they fly…
    sending hugs,Heidi


  2. What a cool thing to be a part of! Although, giving the speeches on stage in front of real life people would have made me want to pass out, too. But you got through it! Are there are any pics of red carpet you? 😀


    1. Naw…just that one of me being silly pretending to be old-hollywood with the sunglasses and scarf. I’m sure there will be footage of my stuttering interview available soon, but I’m not in any hurry to see it! 😉


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