life:: please help, i’ve been locked in the storage closet for a week

Organization at it’s best is comprised of 3 things.

1. simplicity

2. purpose

3. beauty

I have been stumped for 10 years at finding these three attributes in my basement storage room.

Finally, we are starting to get a grip on this room.

The transformation::

~storage tubs and precariously perched crap (and that is after I removed a large portion of stuff that would explode out at me when I opened the door)~

~let’s paint those nasty banged up walls…ohsomuch better~

~real shelves? how cool is that?~

A few more shelf pieces to install and I will get the joy of going through each and every box to maybe put back a fraction of all that stuff.  Let’s just say that my Frankie would be a candidate for an episode of Hoarders if it weren’t for me…

I’ll definitely be having a garage sale this summer.  I may have to wait till he goes to Ohio for his annual summer vacation…shh, let’s keep it a secret…

Will y’all stop by and help me get rid of some it?

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