food:: stir-fry & a trip to the asian market

My son loves stir fry, Mongolian grill style.

On a regular basis (well let’s just say almost daily), he asks if I will take him to his favorite restaurant.

I am raising a foodie.

My child will try anything at the Mongolian grill.  He shows more enthusiasm, and is more adventurous than I would have ever thought about Asian cuisine.  Often at dinner time, he will work on stir fry dishes at home with me::

Recently I bought him 3 cookbooks to get him thinking of new things to try.  When you have a picky eater and ya find something they like, ya go with it.

To make things a tad more interesting, the other day we made a trip to the local Asian market.

He’s not digging the seaweed at the present moment.

I hope I can get him to try some sushi with cooked fish at least.  And that would be because I am the one that gets squeamish over the raw stuff.  And calamari. I cannot get past the rubber-band texture.  Or the wiggly little legs.  Ewwwww.  I get the mental picture of the little suction-cups springing back to life and sticking to the edges of my mouth as if to say nooooooo I want to liiiiiive!

As a trial run to learn how to make the sushi, we had Sushi Night at a surprise birthday party.

There were 7 of us girls and we kicked the guys out.  They were just jealous we didn’t invite them because all they could come up with was something along the lines of “fine ~ we don’t want to go and be around y’all acting like a bunch of drunk lesbians anyway”  Oooooh, burn.  So we did what we do best.  We took the opportunity to act incredibly silly and girly.  We made sushi like we were having a craft-day at summer camp and found something to giggle about nearly every 3 seconds.  We danced in the living room and discussed the finer points of lip gloss that has a light up applicator and a mirror.   (btw ~ it’s called Pure Illumination and that shit rocks!)

And at one point we were convinced that the next Sushi Night, we were going to try asparagus & spam sushi.  But that might have been the shots talking…

Anyway, we also got to talking about our caloric intake and we decided that we were already making Weight Watcher sushi because everything in it was healthy.

So we renamed it Skinny Bitch Sushi.

~ crab rangoon::  1 pkg. room temp light cream cheese, 4 chopped shallots & about 3/4 lb. cooked crab ~

~ sushi & shots ~

sushi:: seaweed, cucumber, avocado, carrots, sesame seeds, rice, tuna, eel (my least favorite) & the crab rangoon

shots:: those would be buttery nipples with butterscotch schnapps & bailey’s irish cream

(use a spoon to pour the bailey’s over towards the edge of the glass and your shots will be layered)

~ and those implanted jewels would be my friend D’s birthday-gift-to-self ~

Even the guy that did it told her she was tough when she didn’t.flinch.once.

D is the coolest badass-iest chick I know.

Oh, and the jasmine tea was divine.  I highly recommend it to those so inclined.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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