crochet:: mochachino revisited

My sista from another mista has completely upstaged me with her crochet progress.

In the time I a have lolly-gagged at getting my wool eater afghan done, she has completed a second mochachino afghan.  Here is her first one.

I have been slacker.

So, YAY Martha.  Check out her manly version of my pattern::

It’s a gift for her husband.  Which of course is making my husband and my son jealous.  They each only have one afghan apiece, and now that Don has 2…they are expecting miracles.  Maybe for next winter…?  I still have to finish my wool-eater.  Again I am doing that 1 for you, 2 for me thing.

I should probably work on my does-not-play-well-with-others issues…

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