food:: beef & noodles

A couple of weeks ago, my sweetie made me some homemade pasta.

Then, a few days later he made more.  Like A LOT more.  Like several batches more.  I have a pasta-making-machine at my house right now.  He’s made noodles repeatedly, he’s made pierogi, he’s made ravioli.  I think he has a hankering for pasta and I must not be cooking it enough.

This is the resulting bounty that I have frozen because MY GAWD we can’t eat all this as he is making it…

How adorable is that????  Be still my dough-heart…

Seriously, I have a freezer full of these…

And this was all before the ravioli fest weekend.

So, this is the Frankie recipe for homemade beef & noodles circa 1982::

I swear…it turns out perfect…every time.

 Thanks for stopping by!

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