life:: my new sink is pimp

…at least that what my teenager said when he checked in after school today…

because this crapola is what we replaced today::

…totally fugly…and that’s what it looks like after I bleach it like crazy…

If you know me in real life, you also know that living in the country with well water, I have issues.

My plumber has told me that the water in my well is the worst he has ever seen.  I really don’t like being at the top of that list.  What it translates to is that I have him on speed dial and we hang out together at the local bar occasionally.   His wife is a lovely girl I might add…but I digress…

My mechanical room is the dream room of the Mario Brothers…freakin’ pipes and purification machines everywhere.

So this is the new one that was installed today::

Not real exciting, but if you are a world-reknowned chef like me ~ it ROCKS, heehee.

Since I have spent the past few days dealing with my issues (read ~ water leaking everywhere and OCD cleaning to keep my ceiling in the basement from leaking), I haven’t been able to do anything that resembles fun (read ~ crochet and other crap).

But I did have an awesome weekend of chef-ery that I enjoyed…(pre-sink-leak).

Check out the Great Ravioli Fest of 2012 that we accomplished:

THREE messy cooks in my kitchen…you can bet your ass that involved lots of laughs.

A quadruple batch later…DELISH.

AND several gallon bags full of ravioli goodness in the freezer, and a couple of gallon bags of pierogi too…


Oh, and I also need to document my Valentines’s Day gifts too::

just because they were so sweet…

~day one~

~day two~

w00ty freakin’ w00t!

Those were some yummy chocolate covered stawberries!

(Yup ~ had to eat a couple before I remembered to take a photo)

So, if you really want the ravioli secrets – check out Martha Stewart’s website because I stole all my recipes from her ~ and the rest ~ well, as usual I winged it)

Have a ridiculously amazing day  ~ and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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