crochet:: getting organized

I’ve spent my free time lately getting organized in my she-cave.

I’m needing a name for it…but I can work on that later,  ya know…once the room has more personality.

I’ll spare you the details of the before pictures when it was really bad.

Let’s just say at one point the door was not able to open and stacks were about 3 feet high.

I just couldn’t handle the toy-box-o-shame  toy-box-o yarn any longer and something HAD to be done.  Once it’s all cleaned up ~ I get to re-design my magical craft closet.   I can’t wait to rip out the shelving and start fresh.  Then to re-decorate and paint and find new curtains…

 I’m really digging this whole she-cave thing and I plan on making a totally girly room that NO ONE in the house wants to even enter.  This insures that I will have uninterrupted time with no boys.  It’s like a freakin club house that has a big NO BOYS ALLOWED sign on the door and that suits me just fine.   It’s like I get my own room after 20 years of not being able to use the bathroom without somebody walking in and starting a conversation as if that’s NORMAL!!!  Moms never get 2 seconds to themselves and I for one, am being selfish and getting some now instead of waiting till hell freezes over.

I have taken over 3/4s of the closet too.


(however you spell it ~ I’m married to a Marine so I guess that’s how I need to say “Hells Yeah!”)

He is still using the top shelf just because he is tall and I expect to kick his silly butt out of it too.

 It’s only a matter of time.

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