crochet:: monsters, monsters everywhere

I have felt the need for a monster in my life.

There are so many cute monster amigurumi patterns floating around the blogosphere right now and although it was a difficult decision, I finally picked one.

This one is for my friend Lawson.  He’s 4 years old and I think he will enjoy having a new friend.

The Tiffany blue yarn is for the next-big-thing ~ I just haven’t decided what that BIG THING will be…

S~H~O~P (Standard Hooker Operating Procedure)

Am I right??? Buy the yarn first and then figure out what-the-hell-to-make later 🙂

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10 thoughts on “crochet:: monsters, monsters everywhere”

  1. Also, buy the yarn with a project in mind, store the yarn for too long and A) forget what the intended project was or B) no longer find the project appealing and then use the yarn for something different altogether. 🙂

    Cute monster.


  2. I’m making a lacy glove and scarf combo for my sister (who adores Tiffany blue), where did you get that yarn!?!?


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