crochet:: the penny arcade jacket…?

Is it really a jacket at this point?

~there are no words~

~oh wait…there is a word that comes close~


(DO NOT trust the sizing…just sayin’)

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17 thoughts on “crochet:: the penny arcade jacket…?”

    1. I thought the same thing, but I would need to make the belt to finish it off and I am too dismayed with the whole droopy mess to even wear it other than as a snuggie/blankety-thingy while lounging on the couch. I think if I had followed my instinct instead of the pattern, I would have used a much smaller hook (an H instead of an N) and it might have been properly proportioned. It was supposed to fall high on the thigh at 27 – 29 inches and while measuring the pieces it seemed OK, but once I seamed it and put it on it streeeeetched much longer because of the loose stitching with the N hook and the sheer weight of allllll that yarn. Oh well, live and learn. I would make it again, because I really like the style…but maybe in bright color…someday…


      1. Wow! An N hook? I can’t think of anything outside of rugs that calls for an N. I hate it when you learn that your gut feeling was right after all. Last week I just finished up an enormous stocking hat when I *knew* I should have narrowed it by ten stitches. Maybe somewhere there are very tall people with large heads who would appreciate our screw-ups.


  1. I’m considering making this for next fall/winter. How tall are you? What size instruction did you use? I’m 5″10 and I like things like that long and enjoy that it looks like I could do a lot of layering and stay comfortable.


    1. I am 5’5” and I used the large instructions. I also used an “N” hook and a very soft & stretchy acrylic yarn. I want to make it again just because I love it, but I am going to drop to a “G” hook and use a different yarn. In the year since it was made, it has stretched out considerably, and it was super huge for me to begin with. Best luck to you! Let me know your results, I would be very interested 🙂


  2. Thanks for the info. I was also thinking to go with a smaller hook and use Yarn Bee by Hobby feels almost as good as baby alpaca! I also am endeavoring to do this in an ombre colorway. I was thinking the large variation, too…we shall see 🙂


  3. I’m trying to make this for my sister but I’m stuck in the armhole for the back. Could you help me? I don’t understand when it says pattern repeats, it’s not matching for me. 😦


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