crochet:: sky scarf c~a~l

Have you seen a sky scarf in action?

Totally new to me idea that somehow said, “you must try this for 2012”.

So I am.

And because for the first 4 days of the year I tried to knit and let’s just say EPIC FAIL, I am doing this in Tunisian knit stitch with an afghan hook and 3 shades of blue and a grey.   I may add others, but this seems to be enough colors to match the sky just about every day.  I’m not getting technical here, just ball-parking it.   Since right now it seems that Wednesdays will be the wool-eater updates, I am thinking I will be updating my progress on this scarf on Fridays.  I just KNOW y’all wanna see how it looks every week with a whopping 7 rows of new stuff added.  Like it is soooo important to show you how the sky has looked in western Iowa for the week. 🙂  OK ~ no need to squeal ~ maybe I’ll just do a post every 3rd or 4th Friday instead.  And somehow, I just think 365 rows will make it a TAD longer than I really need it to be.  Maybe I’ll stop somewhere around September…we’ll see.

So, if you want to know how I am making this::

It’s 4 colors of blue and grey (or however many you want)

an afghan hook

about 25-30 stitches wide, your choice of number of stitches and type of stitch (I’m doing 26 Tunisian knit stitches)

everyday you look at the sky at some point and guesstimate which color to use and before you go to bed, make 1 row

at some point you say ~ DANG this thing is just about long enough so you stop

and then when we stop, we’re going to make a cute border stitch (as yet to be chosen by you or me or whomever)

join me…or don’t join me…but secretly I hope you do

if you do join me, I really and truly expect links to your stuff in the comments 🙂  on Fridays too!

Oh, and btw ~ the penny arcade jacket has been done for 3 weeks or so, but my photographer is a slacker and hasn’t helped me get it ready for posting.  And also btw ~ it feels like an EPIC FAIL as well.  You will probably laugh as hard as I did when I put it on for the first time.  I’ll share it this weekend if I can get him to pick up the damn camera and show me a little love.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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10 thoughts on “crochet:: sky scarf c~a~l”

  1. This is fascinating to me – I can both knit and crochet, but I’ve never attempted Tunisian anything! Does the back of your scarf look like the back of ‘regular’ knitting too?

    Congratulations! I enjoy visiting your blog so much, I have given you a Liebster Blog Award. You can read more about it ‘here’, in my blog, alottastitches.


    1. Hello Linda and thanks so much for the Liebster! I truly appreciate it 🙂

      As for the sky scarf and the Tunisian knit stitch ~ it is incredibly easy and the back does look quite similar to regular knitting. It makes a little bit thicker fabric, but for those of us that are 2-needle-challenged it makes a good substitute. I found this tute that can help you to get started if you want to give it a try:

      And now I guess I need to begin working on my own list of Liebster-winners!
      Best to you ~ cheers!
      Lisa Victoria


      1. Thanks for providing the tunisian link. I’ve bookmarked it. Now I just need to remember where I put those looong crochet hooks that came with a bunch of knitting needles I bought at a tag sale last summer. 🙂


  2. Hm, I need to pick up my abandoned Tunisian crochet project (my kids tangled all the yarn together and it made me so mad, I just stuffed it in a bag).

    The sky scarf idea is actually pretty cool. I wonder how many shades of gray yarn are out there to replicate the Pacific Northwest sky… :p I’m considering it; I’ll let you know if I do it!


  3. I’m trying to start this project, but sort-of new to crocheting and feeling overwhelmed. Can you offer advice for how to switch the colors so often in the same project?


    1. Good question. I was intimidated at first too. There are a couple of different schools of thought on carrying yarn on these kinds of projects. Since I used Tunisian stitching, the tails always ended up on the right-hand side of the scarf. I decided to leave all the skeins attached to the project and carry them up the side if they were less than about 5 inch stretches because I knew I would be adding a border that I could cover them with (and if it got too bulky for me I ended up cutting a few anyway to make the sc border work a little better). Another way is to cut them all with enough length to sew them in with a yarn needle on each row (way too much work for me). And the last one is to cut each tail a few inches and crochet the next row over them as you go if you are using traditional sc or dc as your pattern stitch. Sorry that I didn’t take any pictures of the tails, and man it seemed soooo messy as the year went on, but like I said, I knew I was going to sc a border to cover them all. I also had to regularly have a little ‘untangling party’ because I would often just quickly stitch the row when I got home from work and toss it all back into the basket. Hope that helps 🙂


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