crochet:: wool-eaters and resolutions

As if I don’t have enough things going on at the moment…

I am joining a CAL by Sarah London.  That chick is sooo creative and talented!

  click the poster to link to the details

Yes, it’s last minute…it starts tomorrow but it will work purrrrfectly for my next-big-thing yarn.

I have been trying to no avail to come up with a pattern that will give me this look::

and I have decided that it’s now or never, so a wool-eater it will be…

As for New Year’s Resolutions ~ if you haven’t guessed yet ~ making something like that is among them.

I also have started a sky-scarf (you can check out this cool idea on my Pinterest hooker therapy board).

I am going forward with the boring ones ~ losing 1 pound per month for the year and removing as much processed food from my pantry as possible…

but some of the good ones include::
spending as much time as humanly possible with, and learning as much as I can from my Dad (hurray Daddy for making through year-4 of chemo and still living life to the fullest!)

being a better parent to my son

setting aside 2 hours per week to devote to writing so I can complete a book by the end of the year (I have been writing 3 of them for over 5 years and NONE of them are finished)

I’m setting the bar very high for myself as usual… also known as the curse of being a perfectionist that has survived cancer…

So there.

I have put them out there.

Now I have to stick to them.

If you’re froggy – jump into the CAL!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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