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So…I am home from work today and I was supposed to be taking the day off to have fun.  At this moment I should be preparing for a New Year’s Eve party that I was supposed to throw.  I should be writing a ‘cheers to the New Year’ post.  I should be doing a holiday wrap up photo shoot.  I should be nailing down the details of my New Year’s Resolutions and patting myself on the back for the ones I accomplished in 2011.  I should be cooking fabulous snacks and mixing cocktails.

Instead I ended up with fever of 100 degrees, a sore throat, and a general feeling that I have once again been infected with the plague.  In my delirium I have tried to find some humor, because who in their right mind (or not so right mind) can stand day-time TV?  And really, who doesn’t make up pet conversations when they are bored and confined to the couch because every inch of their being is in pain?

Even my hair hurts.

 I need medication, of this I am convinced.

She wants Lexi to think she is merely resting on her throne.  Nonchalant…casual.

She glares…approach with caution, bitch.


This is one helluva way to send off 2011.

Cheers to the New Year.  May 2012 find you happy and healthy, with peace and goodwill.

I’ll be back in a few days friends, but first I need to figure out why there is a giant pink bunny staring in my front window…and why do I smell peaches????

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