photography:: the zoo has chosen

A few months ago I submitted some photos to the American Association of Zookeepers.

I got my copy of the 2012 calendar and I made it!  I can officially say that I have been published in both a calendar and on a CD cover.  All in the same month.  Holy Buckets ~ I feel incredibly cool!

My peacock photo is the credits page – woohoo!  Now some of my friends have suggested that my photo was chosen because my Mother works at the Omaha Zoo,  but I prefer to be stubbornly arrogant and say it was talent.  Either way ~ I’ll never know and I am thankful for that because I wouldn’t want the truth to bruise my ego 🙂

If you are in the Omaha area, please support the Henry Doorly Zoo by getting a copy of their calendar, because they do wonderful things for our planet.  Oh, and they need to send my Mom to South Africa in a few weeks and I want to make sure she has plane fare home. And malaria shots.  And a guide for tromping around in the wild, or at the very least a map (they have a shoestring budget and I would bet they won’t spring for GPS).

On second thought, if you are the praying type ~ please put in a good word for her.

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