crochet:: poinsettia afghan

The countdown has begun at my house.

My child is bouncing off the walls wanting to open gifts.  At 15, you’d think he might have outgrown that…no dice.

We finally got the tree up last night, and the presents are slowly piling up underneath.

It’s time to take a deep ~ relaxing ~ breath…

and crochet while curled up under Granny’s poinsettia afghan.

This week will be over very soon and I want to enjoy this holiday.

I think I am ready.

Even the cats have finally found some peace.

Who would have ever thought I would see this, considering their mutual intolerance over the past 9 months?  First sign of love between the two of them…ever.




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16 thoughts on “crochet:: poinsettia afghan”

    1. Hi Kim. We were given this afghan by my mother-in-law about 20 years ago. She made one for each of her children, and I have no idea where she got the pattern. Unfortunately, she passed away many years ago and I was never given her crafting supplies. I have googled for patterns with very few results; and of what shows up, nothing that really resembles it very closely. Should I ever try to re-construct it, I will let you know.


      1. I had the pattern as well. I wanted to make it again, but I can’t find it. It was in a Mccalls craft magazine or better homes and gardens from the early 1980’s. If I find it I will share. Thanks~Kim


      2. Wow, that’s a heckuvalot more info than I had. I will keep my eye out for it as well and keep you in the loop if I should happen to find it first. I like looking through vintage crochet books at thrift stores and garage sales. Maybe one of us will get lucky 🙂


    1. I’m so sorry I am unable to help you. After much searching online, I can’t find a written pattern. The one pictured was made by my MIL nearly 20 years ago and she passed away not long after. The only info I know, is that the pattern was in a crochet magazine in the very early 1990’s. Best of luck to you. I would love to know if you ever find the pattern 🙂


  1. This is not a afghan pattern, but a potholder that can be turned into an afghan. I have not found this pattern but one simular.


    1. It is an afghan pattern. I have this pattern and have made 2 of them. It is from a McCalls crochet magazine. Somewhere in the 80’s I believe. I will have to dig it out and make another one!


  2. Marsha, I agree it is an afghan pattern. I made one for my mother years ago & have wanted to make another. I remember it from McCalls. I cannot find my magazine.


  3. I made one of these afghans for my mother-in-law about 20 years ago and would just love to make another one. I received the pattern from my mother, but she has not been able to locate her pattern. Has any of you had any luck in locating the pattern. If so, I would love to have a copy. Thank you!


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