food:: yup…still a messy cook

Hey there 🙂

More holiday baking time for me this weekend.

Here are the newest additions to my Christmas gifting.

While stirring the turkey roaster full of a double batch of Chex Mix (recipe came straight from the box ~ nothing fancy) I managed to flip an entire spoonful across the room.  Like I said before, something always has to hit the floor when I’m cooking.  Makes me really miss my dog.  He was incredibly helpful in this area…the cats, notsomuch…

I got sidetracked, like I tend to do quite often, and conjured up a jar of ranch dressing mix for myself.

1 for you…2 for me…1 for you…2 for me…you know, like you’re sharing M&Ms…well that’s how I share them anyway…

After that I started on the really super messy stuff…

And by the end of the day I literally had smears of melted chocolate on my face and a pretzel had landed in my hair.

A pretzel with sprinkles.

But I had fun.

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