crochet:: granny ripples

I’ve added this to the Massive List of Winter Projects.


I’m kinda liking the granny ripple right now.

I found this little lap-size blankie at a craft fair for $5.  Can’t beat that price, and it will work nicely in my little she-cave.

OH!  I forgot to tell you about my new she-cave.

We needed to do some furniture re-arranging a few weeks ago.  I get on these wild tangents sometimes that wreak havoc on my house… This time I decided that my son’s bed was shrinking and it needed TO GO!  (In the past year, that child of mine has gone from 2 inches shorter than me to more than 2 inches taller than me, so yes his bed was definitely shrinking.)  Thus and such, I made the executive decision that it MUST GO.  What ensued was a massive shift to left of all kinds of furniture in my house.  We moved the guest bed into his room, made an exercise room out of the old guest room, and that left the office incredibly bare.  Hence, my new she-cave.  I have been transforming it into all things crafty and although it is a work in progress, it is still really really cool to have my own space.  So this little lap-ghan is a present to myself.  It works quite nicely on my comfy crocheting chair to cozy up with and collect cat hair. 🙂

I still want to make a queen-sized one for the bed, but it will be about item number 20 on the to do list.

Thanks for stopping by!

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