life:: cornhead nation

Eighty-five thousand people.

85,000 Huskers fans.

OK ~ there were a few people dressed in green for the Michigan State side, but still 85,000 rabid football fans in one place.  The magnitude of that is amazing to me.  That’s a lot of people coming together to watch college boys play a game.

And it was a great day for it. The weather was the epitome of a perfect fall day.

We did the whole get rolling on the road by o-dark-thirty.  We did the whole tailgate thing.  We did it all.  It was divine.

Did I mention that I love football?

There’s nothing like it.  Nothing compares to being there to experience it.

To hear about 40,000 people yelling ‘HUSKER!’ and about 40,000 more answering ‘POWER!’

The noise inside that stadium is deafening and energizing all at once.

Here’s a peek at my day in Husker Nation.

~great seats won by a great friend~

~the ideal bloody mary for a.m. tailgating~

~making the trek up to our seats through the sea of humanity~

~Really?  WTF?~

~1st touchdown balloon release~

~Larry the Cable Guy is up there somewhere~

~the sea of red~

~excellent hot chocolate~

(note to self: bring peppermint schnapps next time)

~coach Bo~


~I’m sooo making one of these~

Our neighbor was kind enough to let me take her picture for crochet inspiration.  No, I never ever stop with the whole “I can totally make one of those” when I am out and about.  She was even pointing out more scarf ideas to me by the 3rd quarter! 🙂

~Being so close to Halloween, we saw a few fun costumes.  Now that zombies are mainstream they are sooo over, am I right?~

~and before we knew it, the game was over~

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3 thoughts on “life:: cornhead nation”

  1. Ok I have to admit that I am a bit jealous right now. Naw just kidding. Love these pictures of the Huskers. Wish I were able to get back up to Lincoln. One thing we do have in common are the Huskers. I was impressed with the D. They finally showed up. Love your blog.


    1. I know what you do. Residing in Texas I thought that once the Huskers moved to the Big Ten that I would not be able to see them. I got the Big Ten Network……….and OMG… I am watching VB, Soccer… all the sports. Watched Nebraska VB team beat then number 1 Illinois. I haven’t missed a beat. Go Big Red and lets beat down that other NU…. Northwestern next week.


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