crochet:: donnie socks

Why would she name them “donnie socks”?

If you are over 40 – it should be pretty easy.  Purple socks….remind you of a certain family that’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll?

Yeah, kinda silly but I got only about 10 rounds into this first one and realized that I was making Donnie Osmond purple socks.  I don’t think I’ve owned purple socks since the 70’s.   It made me giggle.

  Anyhoo…while I am still doing the whole sock-love thing, I am also getting started on the Penny Arcade Jacket free pattern from Caron.  I’ve loved the arcade stitch since my first yarnbombing when I tried new stuff just for the hell of it and that one ended up being my favorite.  I have been hoping to find a way to use it in a functional item ever since.  (I found the pattern through Pinterest ~ sooooo lovin’ the Pinterest ~ I could get sidetracked about every 3 seconds over there.  I think I have added 15 to 20 additional projects to my list for this winter.)  While I am not cranking out original patterns right now, I am truly enjoying my WiPs.  Ever since the craft show it’s been all about the enjoyment ~ no pressure.  And of course, it’s been about the making for ME and nobody else!  My turn again 🙂

My companion for the evening was too cute so I had to snap a shot.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS ~ I am making my jacket in white.  If you are trying it out too, what color will you be using?

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