crochet:: mojo returns! (just like a corny movie sequel)

Hey Y’all!

I found my crochet-mojo and I’m a happy hooker again 🙂

My new neighbor brought these over just because she knows I’m totally addicted to all things yarny.

Vintage apple potholders, yay!

How sweet was that?

I was amazed because such a short time ago I was looking for a pattern like this.   Ask and you shall receive!  Now I have something to study to make my own strawberries, and I have 2 apples already made for me.  Kinda cool!  And the little wormies are detachable, so I think my niece and nephew will enjoy seeing them too.

Please click this link to purchase the pattern in my Ravelry shop

So my hooker-mojo has me seeing socks.  The seasons are hurdling towards winter here on the Great Plains and I really like my first pair of home-grown footies.  I have started a new pair and purchased enough yarn to make 4 more pair.  They are soooo much more comfy-cozy than the store bought types.

I also found this great book and I have all 4 planned out.  I’ll soon be the sock queen, I hope!

Have a lovely weekend and make your day ridiculously amazing (because no one will do it for you)!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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9 thoughts on “crochet:: mojo returns! (just like a corny movie sequel)”

  1. Teresa already has it figured out…she has done some great things on her Youtube site
    I made 5 of these potholders within hours


  2. I love those apple potholders too! So I searched…and searched..and found a pattern for a pineapple scarf that is perfect for the apples! There’s a chart to follow as well which makes it alot easier to figure out. The pattern is at Can’t wait to make them! My sister will love them!


    1. Wow Denise ~ thank you so much for sharing the link! I haven’t had the time to work on this project lately and there are several blogfriends looking for it. What a great site she has, with so many interesting projects! (I can see some pinning from that site in my future) Thanks again, you’re awesome!!!! 🙂


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