crochet:: recovering still, really?

So my creative mojo has been taking longer than expected to recover from the whole craft show experience.

I really don’t like that.

I have looked at yarn, and looked at patterns, and haven’t had the heart to do anything.

I really don’t like that at all.

I tried to get inspired by going to my LYS.   That didn’t work either.  I didn’t even buy the obligatory stash skein, and I always leave there with a little something.

I have been pinning my heart out on Pinterest, so I haven’t lost that lovin’ feelin’.

I just haven’t been productive.

I’ve been reading (not a title worth mentioning), so I put the book down and decided to do some cross-stitch.  I haven’t done that for years and I thought it might get me motivated.  It worked because this itty-bitty project reminded why I haven’t cross-stitched for years.  **YAWN** It’s a cute bookmark, but I repeat **YAWN**

Crochet is not a whole lot faster, but cross-stitch felt like watching paint dry.

Yarn is so much more fun.

So after that little side trip in the floss world, I think I will schedule my weekend around how much time I can devote to sitting on my duff, watching football, and picking up my hooks again.


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madly, passionately in love with yarn

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