crochet:: scarves, hooks, and a craft show…

Hi there!  Happy Sunday y’all!

I have finally shaken the plague from last week, and let me tell ya – it was not fun.  Sooooo glad that is over.  Only a few sniffles left, but being the big-girl I am, I can handle those.  No sweat.

I’ve had a busy weekend of bagging & tagging all of my treasures for the Great Fall Craft Quest.  Almost all ready…I can hardly wait!  Saturday is the big day.  Hopefully I have thought of every detail and my debut will be successful.  I plan on sharing a full report next weekend 🙂

I made a few more hooks and I still have some small items to crochet during the evenings this week.

 I am starting to move on to my next endeavor also, the Komen Race for the Cure in early October.

My friend Tricia found this adorable scarf pattern & novelty yarn.

Isn’t she a cutie?

I had some yarn left over so I made a bracelet too.

If you have checked out my Pinterest boards lately, you have seen that I am contemplating a tutu.

Yes, I am insane.

 I have managed to find pink hair dye too.  I’m just going to make it easy for my loved ones to have me committed.

I’m going all-out and I think it will be fun 🙂

I am also planning a yarn-bombing for that day too.  Nothing like setting the bar high for this chick.

Busy hands are happy hands????


teach Tricia to make a puff-ball scarf  Yay – she completed her scarf!

buy supplies & make tutu  Yay – tutus rock!

crochet some yarn-bomb art

get thru this week & shine at the craft fair on Saturday

Yay – survived it!

Whew..wish me luck!

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