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Hello there friend.  Please don’t stand too close to this post.  You may just catch the plague.

It’s maybe not quite as bad as the plague, but it’s bad enough to keep me home from work today.

I have spent my day curled up on the couch in my jammies, with a box of tissues, several afghans, the cats, a pile of pillows and HORRIBLE day-time TV.

I thought it would be much more productive to show you what I have been making (well, before I got all oooky) than trying to sit through another judge show, or gawd-awful soap opera.

Meet The Girlie Mobile.

This has been a slow WiP to put together mainly because I have never made one before, but it turned out pretty good for a test run.

Since it is a beautiful day and the sun is shining, the glittery beads don’t sparkle ~ but you get the general idea of the piece.

In other news…well there really isn’t much other news, just bits of stuff really.

This weekend my neighbors and friends worked on towing, cutting and burning downed trees from a recent storm.

~we remembered 9-11~

~we saw lots of aircraft fly over for a local airshow~

~and I spent only snippets of time on my projects, and then I got sick~

  I will admit that I did partake in a bit of Martha’s homemade mulberry wine on Saturday night, and let me just say that it was FAB!   It’s nice to remember the good times when ya feel as oooky as I do right now…and Saturday night was the highlight of my weekend.  Cheers to hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

On that note, I shall say so long for now.

Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


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4 thoughts on “crochet:: girlie mobile”

  1. I love this one! Where on earth did you find the pattern to this. Are you willing to share it with me. I like your website. If I only had the time to put one up myself I would. Don’t know how and don’t know what the cost would be to do so. I have so many patterns that I would love to share with you sometimes. But, I really would like to know where on earth do you get all these great patterns from. I love this one. Enjoy your crocketing and keep me posted.


  2. You are so kind Alberta 🙂 I made this one up as I went along. I got the basic idea from a picture I saw on the web several years ago but it was done with pom poms & black & red & green yarn. The idea just sat in the back of my mind percolating until I saw these pink & green skeins of yarn at the LYS and the little lightbulb went on – AHA moment – this yarn:: plus a flowered mobile:: with sparkly beads:: equals a totally cool idea. The individual flowers are from memory of another project years ago (well sort of – I kind of just did trial and error) I didn’t write the whole thing down, but if you want to try your own version, you will need a bamboo purse handle/or hoop that is about 8” in diameter, small amounts of yarn, beads, and a small plastic ring for hanging. I started by doing sc around both the hoop and the ring, then I made flowers. I added beads and chains to each flower, and then moved on to the “crown” portion of the ring. That crown portion is just simple increases and decreases in dc & tr stitches until I liked the pattern. Assembly was a challenge and I secured a few of the ends by tucking them in and gluing.
    As for a blog – try wordpress – it’s easy and free and I really like my experience with them, if that helps you out. And I also say ~ Go For It! You will find the time and it’s a great way to enjoy your obsession with yarn 🙂
    Keep me in the loop too!
    Lisa Victoria


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