crochet:: southwestern style afghan

Hello Blogfriends!

I’m just stopping by for a quick update on the holiday weekend.

I went looking for canning jars at the local thrift store with my friend Martha, and we happened to find this afghan amongst the piles and racks of stuff.

Definitely not my kind of color choice, but I really like the over-all pattern.

I am a total cheap-skate and didn’t bother to pay the $6 to take it home to figure it out, so Martha held it up and I snapped 2 quick shots.

It doesn’t look too tough to figure out and this closeup should do the trick.

It was obviously done as a stash-buster, but could you envision it with 10 shades of blue, or maybe the colors of autumn leaves?  I still have a green & white afghan to make, all the yarn is waiting patiently in the toy-box-o-yarn so this might be the ‘next big thing’.  If nothing else, this one is on my hooker therapy to do list for the coming winter.

So, if you figure out the stitch count before I do, please send me the pattern!

In other news…Martha and I made the most AMAZING spiced pear jam after the thrift store trip, I saw a lovely sunset after a delicious cook-out where I met some new friends, and caught a deer stealing peaches & apples.

Think happy thoughts ~ have a great Labor Day!

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2 thoughts on “crochet:: southwestern style afghan”

  1. Hi Lisa! I recently saw this pattern on Scotty’s Place Blog. She purchased the pattern on Ravelry and it’s by Churchmouse Yarns and Tea. The name of the pattern is called “The Vintage Crocheted Blanket”. Very beautiful pattern, I too purchased it! Take a look on Ravelry, I do believe that the blanket you saw is the same pattern. 🙂


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