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With only 3 weeks left to get ready for my first ever craft show, I am really feeling the crunch.

Check out my crafting-partners-in-crime for the show here.

The Etsy shop is here.

As usual, I have too many things started, too many last minute ideas, and not enough time to do it all.

Is this a sign that I am a procrastinator?

Why yes, yes it is.

It’s more than just a sign.  It is more like one of those massive 100 ft long banners behind an airplane.

On a recent trip to my LYS, I bought several sets of purse handles with the intention of making some bags for the craft show.   They are still in the same WIP basket since that day.

I made these 2 several years ago.

~horrible photos, I know~

I really wanted to update the idea.

Any suggestions?

Oh, and PS – just wanted to share the pic of the cute guy I picked up at the gas station yesterday…

He is my new commuting companion.

What ever will my husband think? 🙂

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