life:: my cat, really?

My Cali has a fan club!

Well, a fan club of one anyway.

They must not know her very well, or else she has a great publicist.

With that little who me? look on her face.

We usually just call her Bitch-Kitty.


Or as my 18-month-old niece says, “Diba”

Anywhoo, I am starting 4-day weekend.  I have decided I WILL get a chance to work on some crochet projects.

These were started weeks ago and I really want to get the project ready to share.

I have about 30 days until my first craft show, so its time to really get my act together and finish up.

(yes, my Great Spring Craft Quest was deferred to the fall craft show season – but I am locked in – it’s gonna happen!)

More soon!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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