crochet:: up-cycling fun (and other random crap)

Hello hooker chicas!

Happy Tuesday.

I have spent my day working, dealing with a tax audit (personal taxes BTW) and writing letters to lawyers (also personal).

When it rains it pours.

Doesn’t that sound enthralling?

I am sooooo in need of a vacation.

So after all that (yesterday was worse if you can imagine – let’s just say it started out with NO toilet paper at 6am and spiraled downward from there – don’t ask)

I have decided I need hooker therapy and some comic relief.  Image that.

As for the hooker therapy…

~I am finally sharing my up-cycled bracelets that I mentioned weeks ago~

Yeah that took a long time to post – sue me.  It will only add to the joy that is being inflicted upon me.


~new life for old silicone bracelets~

I am so frickin clever.

And for comic relief…

the kohlrabi no one will eat at my house…


kinda looks like…


(my son took this disturbing shot)

I need wine.

Tomorrow will be better.  No doubt in my mind.

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7 thoughts on “crochet:: up-cycling fun (and other random crap)”

  1. How do you make the bracelet? I’m a newbie crocheter and my girls have a ton of these things in their rooms. Great idea!


    1. Hi Shannon! They are super-easy. As you see it is just embroidery thread (i bought about 200 mini-skeins of it at a garage sale for 5 bucks a couple years ago), and all you do is sc around the bracelet and smush them together. It takes 3 skeins for each bracelet. You can try to keep the sc in the center like it did on the green and purple, or on the edge like the blue one. I am mixing it up and stringing on small beads to some as well as rotating (or maybe spiraling is a better word) the sc in waves and overlapping the colors too. Have fun with them 🙂


  2. I love these braclets but cannot figure out how you got them started. Could you let me know? We have about 500 silicone bracelets we’d love to try and repurpose!! Thanks for your help.
    B. Young


    1. Hi B. Young 🙂 Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I found this tute on sc around a ring that can explain. I used the same technique, but squished the embroidery floss together tightly to make the ruffly edge. If you have trouble, shoot me an email ( and I can try to help further. Sounds like a great project, hope you have lots of hands willing to help & wishing you success! PS ~ would love to see your take on the idea when you have a few done, please feel free to share a link here in the comments.


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