food:: life in the corn belt

Hello – just stopping in to brag about my gardening.

Hey – cut me some slack, I spent many hours sweating my heiny off working out there this weekend.

Sometimes ya just gotta brag.

This is why I love living in the corn-belt.

Sweet corn & cucumbers and a salad for dinner.

~heirloom tomatoes, kohlrabi, & cucmbers from today’s harvest~

~love the sauted squish~

~so much homegrown goodness~

It has been just divine to eat fresh veggies for every meal this weekend.

I love my Farmer Frank (that wonderful hubby of mine).

~fresh berries and ice cream for late night dessert, mmmmm~

I even got my pillow finished too – woohoo!

I hope you had a great weekend too 🙂

Hurray for free groceries.

PS ~ we grew our own lettuce too.

Take THAT Walmart!

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