crochet:: dreamy layers pillow update


hated it!

New flip-side of the dreamy layers pillow…

lovin’ it!

Using the leftovers from the dreamy layers afghan, I am making another giant hawaiian granny and DO NOT plan on needing to frog it again!  YAY!

But YIKES, I still have more leftover yarn…

Another pillow perhaps?

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madly, passionately in love with yarn

2 thoughts on “crochet:: dreamy layers pillow update”

  1. After many years of trying, I finally figured out the granny square thanks to a simple pattern at Tangled Happy. Don’t know why all the patterns I tried before had to be so difficult to follow!! Made my first pillow and plan to use up my leftover yarn to make a giant granny! I can see that you are making all sorts of fun, colorful crochet items here! Have a great day! Tammy


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