crochet:: a study on hooks and other random crap

I believe I am in need of an intervention.

Is there a 12-step program for this???

I am afraid I am becoming a yarn-hoarder.

Isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step?

~some of today’s purchase~

~the next big thing project yarn~

~and a  totally cool idea for a kid’s room in the making…

with the yummiest beads I have ever seen!~

I love glitter!

If being a yarn-hoarder wasn’t bad enough, I am also showing distinct signs of being a hook-snob as well.

I have lots of hooks.  I liken it to the way a man has 30 different wrenches.

The right tool for the job as my husband says.

But my junk just takes up less space. REALLY IT DOES!

At least I don’t need an entire garage for my crap.

I can fit all, most, some of it in my childhood toybox…there are only 2 layers I think, but it is kind of like trying to touch the bottom of the deep end of the pool

(can ya tell it is had been through 3 kids worth of toys and is over 40 years old with those scratches?)

and my end table that holds a deceiving quantity of yarny goodness…and the big glass jar of scraps…

oh yeah, and the closet in the office, but we are NOT discussing that right now.

So anyway, back to the hooks…

Here is what I have observed in my 30+ years of being a hooker.

boye = acrylic

bates = wool, cotton & other natural fibres

steel = these are the leatherman tool for hookers – they can do nearly anything and can even replace a needle in a pinch

wood/bamboo = very comfortable for almost any fibre

plastic = yuk (only used when I absolutely have to – face it, who can really find a “Q” sized hook in anything but plastic?  Because if I did find one,  I would actually buy it JUST IN CASE.  I only use the “Q” about once every 10 years, but I would be willing to part with that blue plastic POS to have a shiny aluminum table leg or tree limb carved into a hook)

See how I inserted some useful information there?

And if all that weren’t bad enough, I am contemplating spinning.

Rumplestilskin I am not…and although I would love to learn to spin (I have even dreamt about it), I am truly trying to fight the good fight and resist.

I am losing that fight.

I have been googling sheep husbandry and organic dyes.

It is only a matter of time until I try spinning hay into gold…

Someone needs to intervene, really and truly.

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