crochet:: sock monkey hats

If you have been visiting for awhile now,  you may remember that I have a couple of friends that are knocked-up.

They don’t know each other, but both really like sock monkeys.

I decided to skip making the blankies and go with what I knew they would enjoy – whether they have boys or girls.

I googled sock monkey hat patterns and found one for newborns.

Then, since that one was super small and I didn’t like the ears and it didn’t have a pompom on top,

I changed the ears and the mouth and the stitch and the count, did some frogging, re-worked that one…

and ended up making my own pattern for this second one.

 I like the idea of displaying them on glass jars – that was a good one.

So, while my version is in no way original – I now have a pattern I like for sock monkey hats and I plan on making more.  They are cute and quick.

Now, I am off to make matching booties for both.  But first, to find a pattern I like on those too.  Any suggestions?  I must be too picky…I have been reading and searching and testing and frogging.  I am just going to need to choose a pattern soon because I have only a few days till the first baby shower.  Martha (my sista from another mista) and I have been crafting and plotting and planning.  Sunday is the big day and we expect to make this shower a smashing success.  I have an awesome diaper cake to show you with directions…

until next time…

Thanks for stopping by!

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9 thoughts on “crochet:: sock monkey hats”

  1. Great job, I love them. Is there anyway, I can get your pattern for this. My neice’s baby is into monkey’s and I think he would look great in one of these hats.

    Great job well done.



  2. hello yarnchic40
    can i get the pattern cus i really like to have one of they awesome hat`s

    great job.

    can you please send it to my mom`s address


  3. My Colorado baby loves her new hat! You are talented and sooo big-hearted! Love your work; you truly are an artist. I’m glad I know you now…


  4. Awesome job! They are so adorable! Is there anyway I can get the pattern? I want to make one for some pregnant friends! Thanks a bunch! You are so talented! 🙂


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