food:: green beans & new potatoes recipe

Harvest season 2011 begins…

Just dropping by to let you know a couple of things.

1.  I am experiencing issues with my internet that could have been avoided, but I have a teenager who refuses to listen to me at times.  I use an aircard out here in the sticks and only have 5GB of data per month.  The boy decided to download gobs of music and South Park video content and left me high-n-dry for 2 whole weeks.

2.  I am super busy working outdoors right now during every free minute of my crazy life because it is the start of garden harvest season.

~italian green beans, snow peas, bok choy~

~squash (squish as it is called at my house)~


~what I will endure for some mulberry wine (this will take about a week to fade away)~

~canning the evenings away~

green beans & new potatoes::

1/2 lb. fresh green beans

6 – 8 new potatoes

sea salt to taste

1 slice bacon cut in strips

1 clove garlic crushed

1 small onion chopped

fresh mushrooms (optional – but Oh-so-good with this)

Start a large pot of boiling water with all ingredients except for the mushrooms and part of the garlic.  Let it simmer until potatoes and beans are tender (about 20 minutes). While that’s cooking, slice and saute the mushrooms in olive oil (or butter) with a little garlic. To serve, I use a strainer style spoon with holes to lift out the veggies and put them on a large platter.  Fab summer fare straight out of the garden!

Thanks for stopping by!

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