photography:: lilies in bloom

I haven’t had much hook time this week…so that is what is on my agenda for this evening, eventually.  For right now, I am still flitting around like a hummingbird from blog to blog enjoying socks and bags and hats and wonderful colors and patterns.  Did I mention I love yarn?  It is such a great diversion.

Mostly, I have been spending time preparing for possible flood waters headed our general direction.  My heart has been heavy for all those that are already affected.  The outlook is a bit improved for my immediate vicinity, but there are many scared and frustrated people along the Missouri River for hundreds of miles.  I have done what I can, now we wait and watch.

Anyway, we have had a lovely evening despite the flood news, so I wandered out and picked some lilies.

I also picked a few rose yarrows to fluff the arrangement up.

My 4 little plants have multiplied like crazy!

Aren’t they so sweet and dainty?

And I just had to share one last shot I meant to post last week…

this huge snapping turtle was a recent guest at our Saturday bonfire

a friend saved her from certain death on the highway while driving over to our house…

 so we named her Bessie and set her free at a nearby creek…good deed for the day, check.

Even better, documented good deed for the day, double check.

Like anyone is really keeping score?  I really just like to photograph animals.

Think happy thoughts…

thanks for stopping by!

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