crochet:: yarnboming installation #2:: mission accomplished

~International Yarn Bombing Day~

Today is the day you get out there and do a public fibre art display.

dressed like a ninja…

mission impossible theme song running through your brain…

eyes peeled for anyone that could stand in your way…

OK ~ so it’s not really that dramatic, but damn it’s fun!

The back-story on my 2nd ever yarnbombing goes a little something like this::

I really liked doing the first one, so I thought that in the future I would definitely make the time to try it again.  Then nothing for a while…until I found some really neat yarn graffiti on other blogs.   So, I thought about it some more and was not really inspired yet.  I learned that for me, the inspiration needed to come from the installation site.   I saw the chick cover the Wall St. bull and make headlines.  Now that was inspired!  That one made me smile 🙂  I don’t need headlines – but I sure need a worthwhile place to put my effort into.  I began to take notice of public statuary and their potential for ornamentation.  Being the cautious person I am with my blog and my penchant for being a crazy yarn-obsessed cat-lady, I have chosen public art, but to add my mark on a more subtle level.

If you weren’t aware, I had cancer 3 years ago.  I found a cancer survivor’s sculpture park recently and began scheming what I could do to brighten up the bronze.  Then lo and behold, IYBD showed up on my radar and I realized it would be a perfect match for me!  I then enlisted the help of one of my dearest friends with whom I could share my insanity without judgement.  She thankfully “gets me” even without being a yarn addict.  She makes a wonderful partner in crime (we have shared mischief for 30 years).

Meh, I guess if I get in trouble for my graffiti and blogging about it, I can always take my scissors and mend the error of my ways 🙂

I now have a list of other possible sites, because my friend and I did some brainstorming for future installations within minutes of finishing this one *insert evil little grin here*

Happy International Yarn Bombing Day!

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