crochet:: dreamy layers afghan wrap up

My dreamy layers afghan is complete!

It had to be the fastest afghan I have ever made in my life.  Most take somewhere between 2 months and 2 years

I finished it with an 11 row border ~ 1 row sc, 9 rows hdc in back loops only ~ 1 final row of sc in both loops.

I totally blew off the tassels in the corners.  No matter how cute they would have been, they would not have been practical with my cats.  When I started winding the yarn for them, my husband reminded me that some of the cats’ favorite toys have tassels.  Glad he reminded me that they would be quickly shredded!

One of the biggest challenges was just trying to get some photos taken.  We have had lots of wet weather, and when the sun finally came out the winds were 40 mph.

~immediately after these 2 shots, it floated away like a parachute and hit the ground~

Still in the mood to shoot some photos, I moved on to flowers.


~sweet williams~

my sweetie brought these in to surprise me…I love it when that happens…

My peonies are just beginning to open and I can see more flower photo shoots happening as soon as the wind calms down 🙂
After 8 years of very hard work on my flower beds, this is the best year yet.  It sure is nice to see progress.  My goal is to have new fresh flowers in the house every week from my own gardens.   Wouldn’t that be lovely?!

Now that this afghan is a wrap, I am on to new projects.

I have a yarnbombing in mind, some baby gifts, a matching dreamy layers pillow or 2, and that other afghan I was scheming weeks ago.  I fell in love with a quilt in an advertisement, and now I need to translate the idea to crochet.  But more on that later….

I am taking a day off to decide what the next WiP will be…bolster pillow or square pillow?  Either way, I will be making it with the leftovers from the dreamy layers afghan.  I always have to match…one of my endearing traits quirks.

Maybe both pillows…hmmmm…yes, I think it will be both.

Thanks for stopping by!

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7 thoughts on “crochet:: dreamy layers afghan wrap up”

  1. I love the way this turned out…….the colors are bright and look so good together…….and the white border does just that…….borders the vibrant colors….You did a great job………..I would love to make one but I must tell you that mine WOULD take me many many months……Still I think I will have to.


  2. love the afghan but how did you do the corners of the white borders? I’ve never made an afghan but your pattern looks so easy I just have to try it.


    1. Hi Diana! The corners are just 3 sc in both loops. That’s what makes a little diagonal line of holes that accentuate each corner. (I have also seen others use 4 sc in each corner in the same manner – but I tend to crochet loosely and that makes the corners wavey – but try that way if 3 sc seems to make it pucker too tightly) So glad you like it ~ I would love to see your version ~ please share 🙂


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