life:: not enough crochet time

So the work-week is underway and I have had NO ME TIME!!!

I am quite dismayed by this.  It means that the border of my afghan is NOT GETTING DONE!

I am not happy when MY things are NOT GETTING DONE.

I have been stuck doing laundry…

and cooking…

and presiding over mole funerals…who really wants that chore?!!  Yuk, not me…

we have been trying everything we could think of to eradicate our mole problem **insert forehead slap** when all we really needed to do was be patient and bring in the the big guns to do what they do best…hunt vermin…

I think they were congratulating each other on a job well done…

 (Cali):: you did a great job flushing him out

(Lexi)::  yeah, i am exhausted

(Cali)::  thanks again for letting me move in for the kill and take all the credit

I am now creating cat conversations… yikes…I really need to get out more!

Now I shall enjoy my wine, gather my thoughts, and get busy on that afghan border.

My glass is truly half-full.  I should not whine.

Thanks for helping me work through my temper tantrum and vent a little 🙂

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