life:: wine wenches rock

Why do wine wenches rock you ask?

Because they have a recipe for fun::

~take about 30 women~

~ mix with about 30 wine glasses ~

~ add LOTS of paint ~

~ sprinkle with sangria ~

~ add a dash of rubber chickens ~

~ stir in a whole barrel of laughter ~

and you will end up with a great evening with the girls

(and some really cool wine glasses too!)

the real scoop to make your own wine wench glasses::

wine glasses

rubber gloves

rubbing alcohol

cotton balls

craft paint


stencils (an option for the painting-impared)

1.  don your lovely rubber gloves FIRST, then wipe down your wine glass with the cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol so that the paint will stick  (it also erases mistakes – very helpful if you add too much sangria to the artist)

2.  paint to your little heart’s content

3.  dry it using one of these methods:: air dry for 21 days (not very practical)

or the easy-bake oven method:: air dry for 1 hour then pop it into a cold oven on a cookie sheet.  Turn the oven to 350 degrees and set the timer immediately for 30 minutes.  When the buzzer goes off after 30 minutes, turn off the heat and let it cool completely in the oven for a couple of hours

to be on the safe side:: hand wash only 🙂

Have wonderful weekend wenches!


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