crochet:: dreamy layers afghan photos

Hello Blogfriends!

I am just popping in to share some more scrumptious color-filled photos…

I can’t stay and chat because I am getting sooooo close to the border…

of course my Nosey Nells had to see what I was up to…

I already have an order for another blankie in my son’s school colors.

I told him he will have to take a number and get in line.  I have to sidetrack and get TWO baby blankies done first!  Must be something in the water…I keep getting exciting news from friends!

I am still undecided on the border.  I think “I have it all under control, it’s all figured out”…but then I read my own suggestions about alternative borders and suddenly I change my mind again.  Time is growing short!  I will just have to pick a border and go with it.  Doesn’t it just drive ya batty when you can’t decide because you want it to turn out perfect??

Happy hooking!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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