crochet:: dreamy layers afghan pattern

The Dreamy Layers Afghan pattern is ready to share!  

I am nearly ready to start the border, so I will post more pictures later in the week.  These shots were taken immediately after I began the decreases this week.

If you should need any clarification let me know 🙂


dreamy layers afghan pattern::

40 – 50 oz. of yarn

“K” hook

the yarn I used – Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice – 7 oz/or 2 skeins each (there will be enough left over to make matching pillow cover)

11 colors – Duckie, Dusty Green, Fern, Kelly Green, Bluebell, Dusty Purple, Purple, Wild Berry, Magenta, Antique Rose, Rose

1 skein Red Heart in Delft Blue

Edited to add:: my border option used and additional 10 oz. of Red Heart white yarn.

row 1:: ch2, in 2nd ch from hook make hdc, sc, hdc; ch 1  and turn

row 2::  inc in 1st stitch (hdc, sc), hdc in next stitch, inc in last stitch (sc, hdc), ch 1 and turn

row 3::  inc in 1st stitch (hdc, sc), hdc, sc, hdc, inc in last stitch (sc, hdc), ch 1 and turn

row 4 – 120::  inc in 1st stitch (hdc, sc), repeat *hdc, sc, hdc, sc, hdc* across to last stitch inc of (sc, hdc), ch 1 turn and change colors every 5 rows (you will repeat each color 2 times)

At row 121 *this is where you can make the over-all size larger if desired by continuing the increase 5 row bands – or begin the decreasing here in a similar manner to the increase rows – decrease the 1st 2 stitches and the last 2 stitches tog*

row 121 – 240::  dec 1st 2 stitches (sc 2 tog), repeat *sc, hdc, sc* across to last 2 stiches (sc 2 tog) ch 1 and turn (make sure to stitch all 3 stitches tog on final row)

border::  here is where you can get creative as well because you can pick any color or combination of colors and make the border as wide as you choose (mine will either be in “Duckie” yellow or white)

border row 1::  sc evenly around entire piece as a base 

border row 2 – 10:: hdc in back loop only and finish off

finishing::  a fluffy tassel on each corner

border row 2 – ? ideas:: sc in back loop only for a more narrow ribbed border/scallop the edges with shells and picot in the light blue to make it look like clouds/2 – 3 triple crochet in each stitch for several rows for a ruffled border/use multiple colors to keep the rainbow going

another suggestion::  this afghan would lend itself well to being an “ugly blankie”  and would make a great way to use up all the leftover bits of stash – just keep randomly grabbing the next partial skein and going until it runs out, and pull it all together with white or black (or any other color) every so often in the body of the piece as well as for the border

If you decide to make a “dreamy layers afghan” please share your links and pix in the comments!!!!

I would love to see your vision of this fun pattern 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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28 thoughts on “crochet:: dreamy layers afghan pattern”

  1. Love, love, love the bright colours. Wish we could get the Vanna’s Choice Baby here in North Vancouver, I have to travel to Bellingham, WA to pick it up.


  2. I’ve been making Corner to Corner afghans for over 25 years and just can’t seem to get back to horizontal crocheting. I love your pattern and will use it for one of my many projects. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Ohh ive been searching for a patten for so long, i wanna do a warm cozy blanket – this is it! But im from Denmark and i dont really get this patten.. I do get that its really simple tho haha
    Is it basically just the c2c in a mini version and with hdc instead of dc?
    At row 2 (and3) when turned, does Inc in 1st stitch (sc, hdc) mean the same as a slip stitch in the space between sc and hdc from last row? And the same at the last stitch?
    Hope this makes sense and thanks!


    1. Thanks so much for visiting! The increase is not done in the space between, but directly in the first and last hdc from the previous row. Please let me know if you have any more questions 🙂


    1. To decrease, you single crochet 2 stitches together by inserting the hook through the first stitch & yo pulling up a loop, then inserting the hook in the next stitch to yo pulling up another loop, then yo and pull through all the loops on the hook to complete a single crochet. You will do this on both the first 2 and the last 2 stitches of every row


  4. What are measurements of your afghan? I want to make one 50 in width by 60 in length. Do I just keep increasing until I reach desired length and then start decreasing? Also I’m only using 3 colors 30 rows of each color. I’ve done 20 rows of one color so far but doesn’t look like 120 rows is very big. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you


    1. Since I don’t know the details on your yarn, I am unable to answer to that portion. My afghan was done in a square, so if you would prefer yours to be a rectangle, yes you would work until you reach the desired width, then and rows that will increase on one end of each row while decreasing on the opposite end of the row until you have reached the halfway mark. Then you would decrease on both ends of each row to complete the afghan. I hope that helps.


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