food:: easter cheeseball

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday.  Easter was fantastic in my world.

We spent the day with my parents, and my brother’s fab little family.  We cooked a delicious meal,  laughed and talked and of course hunted for eggs.  Who knew that a bunny could lay eggs?!  My 4 year old nephew was quite perplexed with that issue…eggs come from birds in his opinion.

the dynamic duo on the hunt…

I love Mom’s hydrangeas – they are always so pretty.

this was my contribution to fun food for the kids…

easter egg cheese ball::

1 small package strawberry cream cheese

colored sugars

graham crackers

Make sure the cream cheese is cold and pinch off an egg-sized hunk and roll it in your dry hands to shape.  Then roll it in colored sugar on a plate.  Make sure to keep cold, or it will sweat and melt the sugar.  Spread on graham crackers (I used cinnamon grahams).  Easy and fun!

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