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You may remember that when spring had finally arrived, I took a garden walk with Cali.  Now you may think it is odd, but yes, we do take walks and bring our cats long.  We live out in the middle of no where ya know 🙂  Way back in time, our Midnight walked with us every evening in good weather, and she seemed to enjoy it like a dog would.  It was a tradition that just kind of stuck, and we taught Cali to walk with us last year when she was a kitten because we missed watching Midnight explore further away from the house.

This was our 14 year Miss Midnight (and Crush our turtle):

Wow – seeing that picture sure makes me miss her.

Anyway, Lexi has now taken her first garden walk with us.  It is so cool that our cats will enjoy the day with us.

Until now, Lexi has been content to stay on the deck or the stairs and not ventured out into the yard.

She kept making sure Cali was within close reach.

we checked out the flowers…

and shrubs and then called it a day…she had enough of the outside world and wanted back in the house very badly…

again I ask you..who sleeps like this?!

It was incredibly cute that the whole out-door experience tuckered her out so quickly ~ or is it their coping mechanism?  When in doubt ~ sleep on it. 🙂

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