crochet:: more yarn

I did it again!  I went out and bought more!!!

It seems I have been spending more time at the yarn shop than I have spent actually crocheting.

I have even bought **gasp** knitting needles!

Not that I will attempt the torture soon mind you, but I bought them none-the-less.  My last adventure into the world of knitting was a terrible train wreck.  Let’s just say that someday I might try again, and I will have the tools to make it happen.  It will take working up a lot of courage.  I was soooo disappointed in my knitting performance that it has been more than 10 years since I have even owned knitting needles.

Speaking of courage, one of my wonderful neighbors brought over this bottle of liquid courage the other day.

I love that she labeled it “gulpable hooch”

The previous batch had been mighty strong!  She claims that this one won’t curl your hair 🙂

We are supposed to have one last blustery storm this weekend ~ this just may warm us up.

I have all of the books to re-teach myself to knit, but there are way too many crochet projects floating around in my brain to finish first.  I am still deciding what to do with this gorgeous fibre, and I found out today that I need to begin another baby blankie! Yikes!  I had 2 afghans stacked up ahead of this one and my Japanese flower shawl to finish…I shall be one busy hooker.

PS ~ I got through the rest of “Eat Pray Love”  this week and I highly recommend it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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