food:: mom’s dumplings

Psssst…pssst…don’t tell anyone…but I am sharing my mom’s secret recipe for the most scrumptious fluffy dumplings you have ever had.

I know I really shouldn’t give away all of her fabulous food secrets, but these are AMAZING!  They are comfort food at it’s finest.  Why not share?  They are too yummy not to!  Just spreading the love 🙂

I usually pair them with roasted chicken (sometimes whole birds, sometimes just pieces) and always something green (lima beans are my fav).

If my birthday didn’t land on Thanksgiving my mom would make this for me because it was my ALL TIME FAVORITE meal.  Like more that 35 years of being my favorite meal.  I have a great mom ~ I am so thankful!

mom’s chicken & dumplings::

chicken – roasted whole or pieces

6 cups water

4 tsp chicken soup base (bouillon)

chopped fresh parsley to taste

2 cups self-rising flour mix (I use Bisquick)

2/3 cup milk

Roast chicken and begin dumplings when nearing the last 20 minutes of roasting time. If using chicken pieces, you can use the brown bits that are left  and move the bird parts to another pan and keep warm in the oven on low.  Use a pan with a snug fitting lid.  Put the water on high heat to get it boiling and then add the bouillon and parsley.  In the meantime, mix baking mix and milk in a bowl with a fork until a soft dough forms and set aside.  If you prefer a thick gravy, now is the time to mix a tsp of baking mix and a tsp of cornstarch with a little cold water and add to boiling stew stirring constantly.  Turn the heat down to low and drop in the dough by spoonfuls.  Cook uncovered for 11 minutes, then cover and cook 11 minutes more.  Heavenly!

And so my friends, that is how my favorite meal is made.

Happy cooking & hooking ~ thanks for stopping by!

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