crochet:: japanese flowers

It’s Progress Report Time!

Yeah, about that. I must report that progress is slow, incredibly slow

at least it feels incedibly sloooowwww

I truly, dearly love this pattern…I just seriously suck at picking the colors in random order.  Maybe it’s because I am a totally retentive accountant…but random just does not work in my brain.  So, I have been carefully laying out the whole mess over and over and over to make it look like it is totally random by pain-stakingly choosing which colors can’t touch each other.

Is that totally obsessive crazy?


Is it working for my over-analytical logical brain?

You bet.

My hottie creative consultant husband has been my biggest cheerleader on this project.  I love to see the amazement in his eyes when he finally gets what my WIPs will look like in the end.  I couldn’t ask for a more enabling supportive partner when it comes to the madness that is my creative side 🙂

A bit of good news again on the feline front…Cali has been setting such a good example that Lexi has finally decided to sleep in her house at night.  Now the nights are getting much more peaceful.  These wicker cat houses are the best!

(Lexi was really driving everyone nuts stalking around all night and starting fights.)

Good example at night only…Cali still thinks she can sleep on our bed during the day while we are at work…


(We got smart and began throwing an extra sheet over our quilt to cut down on the hair on our pillows, plus  it makes for less laundry to do!)

and when in Rome…


I was caught snoozing like a cat in the middle of the day 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

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