food:: steak ‘n eggs

Dear God,

Please ask Mother Nature to BACK OFF…or at least give her a glass of wine so she will relax.

Thank you,



We woke up to 3 new inches of snow.  Last week we had multiple days above 60 degrees.  I needed comfort food.  Steak and eggs for breakfast today at least helped me start something today off on the right foot.  It also made use of last night’s left overs.

Steak & Egg Scramble::

1/2 cup cooked cubed steak

6 eggs

1/4 cup shredded cheddar

1 pat butter

salt/pepper/steak sauce to taste

Melt butter over medium heat in heavy iron skillet, and saute steak for about 3 minutes.  Crack in eggs and add cheese, stirring often, turning down heat if eggs stick to pan.  Cook until desired firmness of eggs.  This dish also mixes well with hash browns.  Serve with crusty toast.  Enjoy.

Hope your Friday is fast and friendly.  It’s almost weekend hooker therapy time!

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